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Ronald Holmes

         Ronald Holmes was born in Widen, West Virginia and became a Washington DC native in 1953. He attended Spingarn High School in Washington DC and then went to work for the Library of Congress. After 10 years of working for the government, Ron Holmes found a passion for sales. He began his sales career with Gelico and performed with them for approximately 20 years in their Government Employee Life Insurance sector.

         Gelico was then sold and it was at this time Ron Holmes ventured out and started his own Insurance Agency brokering with several insurance companies to fit the needs of his clients. Over


this time span of his agency, Ron has won several awards such as Global Top Gun, Top Producer, and has even sat on the advisory board during this time to help make sure that the executives heard the suggestion on how to improve the relationships between the agents and corporate.

        After 20 years of owning RH Agency, Ron Holmes had retired from the business for 3 years to enjoy the fruits of being a grandparent. In 2018, Ron Holmes was introduced to the new insurance products that have emerged on the scene and felt that it was part of his civic duty to get back up and running to service his previous clients and to educate the community on the knowledge that he has now.

        In 2018, Ron Holmes and Brandi Bridgett opened up The Agency at National Harbor to make an impact on the community and he is looking to make a greater impact on the community and nationwide with the new model. 

Brandi Bridgett

              As a mom of three, I know how hard it is to run life, business, and still have time for yourself, but we have found that balance happens day to day.

              Brandi Bridgett has been in the medical field for 10 years. She started in the field of cosmetic surgery here in Washington, D.C. Brandi then started growing her own family, which directed her into looking for a new career choice.

              Brandi and her family were relocated to San Diego, California, where she developed a love for health and wellness. Brandi began coaching in the field of health and wellness in 2011, where


she partnered, developed, and opened a health and wellness nutrition club. With this practice, she has helped hundreds of people internationally obtain their health goals through education and training, fun and engaging activities, and nutritional solutions.

           In 2012, Brandi and her family returned to the Washington, DC area, where she again partnered and developed a health and wellness office at the National Harbor. She and her partner have been able to touch the lives of those who are looking to lose, gain, or maintain weight, or increase their energy simply by living a healthier lifestyle.


          In 2013, she and her sister who is a retired school teacher decided to come together and take their strengths to form a company. In April of 2013, Platinum Health and Wellness was born. The vision is to teach those within the community about proper health and wellness to obtain optimum health by making health fun, simple, and magical!


            In 2014, she partnered with eFocus Media Group to expand their business model and development. eFocus Media Group, is an agency that caters to small -to-medium sized businesses to help digitally expand the reach of their brand. As of 2018, the company has grown to be certified as a Women owned, Minority owned, SBA agency, here to help the needs of the small business community.


            In 2017, Brandi launched her second business, The Agency at National Harbor to help the needs of the community understand the new-age difficulties that we face in family finance, business finance, and securing a legacy for the future generations. She saw the need of financial education within the entrepreneurship community and it has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2017, Brandi and her team have been featured in Oprah magazine, Entrepreneur magazine and been a guest speaker on several shows within the DC metropolitan area. 

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